Source Market Review

Source Marketplace is the latest creation of founder Alex Becker. It is very much like a mini Fiverr, specifically targeted towards SEO services, with major categories inclusive of Source Marketbacklinks, social signals, content creation, PBN’s, keyword research, youtube SEO, and site creation.

While not all of the offers appear to be entirely professional, those with extensive positive reviews do appear at least trustworthy. Registration is free, so if you’re looking for suppliers of any of the aforementioned services, it might be well worth your time.

SEO PowerSuite Review 2015

SEO PowerSuite Turbo Charges Your SEO Arsenal

There is no doubt that SEO is a very complex process that is better served with automated processes rather than long hours SEO Power Suitespent on tedious tasks.  The naked truth is that some can be streamlined by using the right tools. Instead of doing all that hard work manually, you can make the most out of SEO Power Suite and maximize your impact online while saving precious time.

What Actually is SEO Power Suite?

This modern tool is a powerful combination of Link Assistant’s top SEO software products launched so far: WebSite Auditor, Rank Tracker, Link Assistant and SEO Spy Glass.  This new software brings out the best out of each one of the four SEO tools offered by Link Assistant, enabling you to improve your presence online and manage your SEO strategy with ease.

SEO Power Suite is perfect for small business owners or webmasters looking to boost their rankings, optimize keywords, build links and analyze the competition. According to most users who have tried this tool, SEO Power Suite works amazingly well and does what it says. With these in mind, let’s see why SEO Power Suite is one of the best alternatives to Moz.

Link Building

Building and managing backlinks is a tedious task, requires a lot of attention to detail and a keen eye on updates. In other words, link building is one of the most complicated aspects of SEO. SEO Power Suite eases this process for you, enabling you to study your competition and develop reliable and relevant links to use for your website.

This software helps you track an unlimited number of links and calculate the potential value of your links. All of this is performed automatically, which means you get to save a huge amount of time.

Competition Analysis

SEO Power Suite will not only help you analyze the keywords used by your competition, but will also give you precious feedback on how your competitors’ websites and capture pages are optimized. This tool will closely study your top 10 competitors and will help you gain insights on how to improve your SEO strategy in order to beat them at their own game. Once you know the good and bad points of your competition, you will be able to outsmart them and get an unfair advantage in your niche.

That’s not all. This program comes with unique strategies and approaches in order to help you overtake your competition and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Keyword Optimization

One of the most important feature of this program is the keyword analysis area. SEO PowerSuite gathers data from both Wordtracker and Google AdWords. Both of these websites are top tools for finding the right keywords for your company. SEO PowerSuite gives you suggestions for using the right keywords for you. Additionally, this SEO management software enables you to sort through keyword phrases and keywords.

This tool also gives you estimates on the true number of visitors for a certain keyword for your particular niche. This will save you both time and money in the long run, as you won’t have to make mistakes when choosing the right keywords to use for your site.


Even though you get access so 24/7 support from the team behind this tool, you have no live chat option or forum for discussions. This is definitely a disadvantage for SEO PowerSuite. Nevertheless, you have the option of browsing the FAQ section, view video tutorials or read user manuals. Lastly, if you need the company’s assistance with a pressing matter, you can always contact them by phone or email so your SEO services are not interrupted.

Tools Included

Each tool included in SEO Power Suite is perfect for certain activities. For instance, while the Website Auditor is perfect for a full SEO review of your site, the Rank Tracker tool lets you track rankings across the web and create customizable reports. Next on is SEO Spyglass, which is amazing for spying on your competitors. Lastly, the Link Assistant helps you manage the outreach process and provides you with a mass mailing tool you can use to enhance your presence online.

The Bottom Line

Overall, SEO Power Suite is a great tool for small business owners who need to start and manage their own SEO campaigns. Even though it lacks in reporting options and support, and the folks over at don’t seem to be too fond of it, this program offers a wide variety of keyword optimization, link building and competition spying tools that can transform your business into a thriving company online.

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